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Oh em gee.

So tumultuous doesn't really begin to describe the last few months. I've been active on LJ mostly through commenting and such. I still read everyone's blogs and comms regularly but I've been super slackery about updating my own.

For all of you whom I speak to irl, you already know about everything that's been going down.

For all of my online friends, I won't bore you with minutia unless you explicitly ask for it. Just know that things changed abruptly and unexpectedly but now I am happier than I have ever been and am taking a 7 week vacation in England. It's just too much for me to write right now (I really should be packing) but if you want all the gory details, I'll be glad to provide them. lol

I started a Tumblr (blame fairandbright ! It's her fault! lol) and will now be updating that with realia. If you've got a Tumblr, let me know and we'll do the mutual follow deal. It's much easier to post photos and media to that blog so I figured it'd be perfect for my trip. Plus, I started this blog almost 5 years ago and I'm in such a different phase of my life that it was just time for a change. I'm not deleting my LJ and will still be checking my friends page religiously but I just won't be posting too much here now (except maybe for the occasional update or link to my Tumblelog).

So yeah, for updates on me whilst I'm on holiday, check here:
Twitter is my constant companion so also:

I'll still be around the usual amount...but my updates and such will be much more frequent on those two sites. Check 'em out and I'll catch y'all on the flip side.

I hope everyone who is traveling has safe journeys and warm homes at which to arrive. Hug your family because they're crazy and precious and enjoy all the eggnog and brandy you want because we made it through another decade. Happy holidays and a brilliant 2010 to all!!

Much love and cheer,


 It's been forever since I've posted but, as most of you know, I'd been out of state with limited internet access until very recently and about a day after I got back, BAM! Fall term. :/ School...why do you do this to me? Thankfully most of my classes seem promising and (if I stay on top of my homework) I should do quite well. The only one that I'm iffy on is my Steinbeck class. This latest session fostered a fun discussion but I'm not Steinbeck's biggest fan so only time will tell if I'll go mad or not. lol My other classes are Romanticism, Shakespeare & Perfomance (my 3rd Shakespeare specific class, 4th if you count one of the Brit survey courses), and Editing for Writers. All of those seem great, especially my editing course. I love the teacher (Prof. Baer, who taught my grammar class a couple terms ago) and hell, it's editing. *geeks out*

Speaking of book geekiness, I'm just finishing up the book The Hunger Games (which is the first book of the Hunger Games trilogy). I picked it up on the glowing recommendation of Chad's sister Tamra and her husband. They thought it was brilliant and, given my enjoyment of dystopian literature, thought it would be right up my alley. Lo and behold, they were right (not unusual for them). It's taking me a little while to get through it because of all my school reading (ARGH!) but I'm almost done and it's so well written, exciting, realistic...I can't throw enough adjectives at this thing! I was crying within the first 20 pages of the book and giggling moments later because of Katniss (the protagonist) and her gallows humor. Just...amazing. The second book in the series, called Catching Fire, comes out today and I can't wait to get it!

There's a give-away on Book Love Affair for a copy of Catching Fire (plus some themed goodies) and, of course, I'm entering. New installment? Mockingjay pin?! Count me in! :) Here's the link if any of you are fans of the books and want to enter yourself into the drawing. book-love-affair.blogspot.com/2009/09/giveaway-suzanne-collins.html

If you haven't read The Hunger Games, check it out. If you don't like it, I may have to beat you with a stick because you clearly have no taste in reading material. I'm kidding obviously, but seriously, if you read it and don't like it, I'll be incredulous.

PS: I think I need to change my mood theme...but I'm lazy. I don't want to forsake Firefly but I've got a couple Boosh ones waiting in the wings and...well, BOOSH! lol


 Okay so I'm a lame-ass for not posting for a month. This last week I was in Yellowstone with Chad's family (about 23 people or something absurd). I had a blast hanging out with everyone and exploring the wilderness but we got back last night and I know I speak for both of us when I say it's good to be home.

Tomorrow, I'm going to Livermore with Chad and mrs_lizzydarcy to the HBP midnight showing with sofieloafy. We'll go up a bit early for dinner and maybe some Boosh-watching before we head to the theatre for some epic geekdom. Yes, I'm wearing my Ravenclaw gear, complete with my hand-knitted scarf and my wand. I gotta represent. I'm super stoked!

Thursday, I'm leaving to New Mexico for about a month and I'll have semi-limited access to the interwebs. I'm going to do my best to stay connected but I've been really lazy with updating so we'll see. I check my f-list everyday but I always put off updating my blog. I don't know why. Blargh.

Oh and totemo_kawaii ...I'll message you on Facebook with my cell phone number. You thought I was joking about you calling me if you meet Julian Barratt? lol

I'm trying not to mope about not going to Comic-Con but I found out that the Boosh are DJing at a club after their panel appearance and I want to cry a little. Those adorable little fuckers better be doing a U.S. tour, complete with afterparties, or I'll be a sad pancake.

Iran election protests

I've been meaning to post for a while (it's been like 3 weeks) but I've been lazy. And then for the past 2 1/2 days I've been riveted to Twitter and any news station or site that'll give updates on the situation in Iran. I was following the campaign loosely and figured that Ahmadinejad might pull something shady...but I never imagined this. My thoughts are with those fighting for their freedom in Iran. I truly hope that this comes to a conclusion that is both peaceful and in concordance with the will of the people (though I can't imagine that the former will happen without the latter). I've been tweeting like a crazy person so I've included a link. There are lots of pictures, videos, and links to blogs.

I'll try and write more regularly in the future. This once a month post thing is getting a little sad. lol

I'm a lame-o

 Just realized that it's been 3 weeks or so since I last posted something other than a comment. I fail. I've just been trying to get through this semester, which was trying (to say the least).

It's not that my classes were particularly hard or that I disliked the content; I've simply been extremely apathetic. Like, whoa. I'd been having a hard time getting motivated and my depression is rearing its head again. It's not as bad as the last time I went all wonky; I'm pretty sure that it's being brought on by doing something I don't want (i.e. school).

I mean, I want to get my degree...I just...I don't know. This semester was just off. I never really got into the swing of things and I didn't feel enthusiastic about anything really. Except maybe my Human Sexuality class. I enjoyed that class the most. Either way, I'm taking my last final today (Children's Lit) and I'm done until August. Thank fuck; I was about to stab something. 

I voted yesterday, which is always a good thing, then discussed the history of women's suffrage with Mom. Then I looked up the etymology of the word suffrage.

Okay, I'm going to throw out some opinions on media I've been observing as of late:

* X-Men Origins: Wolverine -- Didn't live up to the hype; enjoyable but nowhere close to X2 (the best of the series, IMO). I have issues with Gambit, partly stemming from how they manifested his powers. The other part is something I've been screaming since the first X-Men movie: THEY FUCKED WITH ROGUE! In the little alternate 'verse they've created, Gambit and Rogue can never have a relationship which soils the Canon and makes me stompy. I just wish the original series was closer to the original show or even an earlier comic; then we wouldn't be having this discussion because they wouldn't have FUCKED UP ROGUE! Okay, moving on before this entire post becomes me rehashing Rogue's fab backstory that will never be committed to celluloid. Or digital whatever. 

* Star Trek -- Enjoyed it bunches, would see it again. I don't think that it's the earth-shattering film that some Trek fans think it is; I just think they were used to watching crap with the original series and some of the movies so this is like their Ben-Hur. Which is great, because they deserve it! I watched some Trek when I was younger, mostly because my dad loved Wrath of Khan and The Voyage Home. But I've never considered myself a Trekker, except maybe when it comes to Leonard Nimoy saying "illogical." Not my fandom, but I'm glad those who are deeply entrenched in Trek the way I'm entrenched in Potterverse (or my myriad fandoms) got what they deserved: a great, highly enjoyable film. Good on ya, Trek. I loved the updated uniforms SO much, with the tiny Starfleet insignias all over the fabric. Nice detail. Also, Simon Pegg and Karl Urban were my main reason for seeing this movie and they didn't disappoint (have they ever?). Simon was an adorable Scot and Karl was a great hypochondriac. *cuddles them* Zachary Quinto was a surprise since I've never seen any of his shows. He did a great Spock (I won't post any spoilers for those who haven't seen it but I liked his emotional side) and he made me want to go as a Vulcan for Halloween (I've already got the hair for it). Chad and I had certain, small qualms with certain plot details but overall, a great movie with high repeat viewing factor.

* Glee -- Watched the pilot last night. It lives up to it's name. MOAR!

Since this is getting long, I'm forgoing bulletpoints from here on out. Castle, Chuck, and Big Bang Theory are all fabulous and I loved each season finale. Well, Chuck's final line was predicable (I said "If he says 'I know kung-fu, I'll scream." He said it) but Casey makes everything better. *hugs Adam B* Speaking of Adam, I'll upload pics of Wondercon eventually. I now have time, starting this afternoon. The picture I took with Adam is fab because I'm wearing 4 inch heels and I'm utterly dwarfed by his majesty. lol You'll see. I demand Chuck gets renewed...but if it doesn't I won't be terribly sad because I'm terrified of shark-jumping. We'll see. I demand more Castle and Big Bang. Now! I can't wait 'til fall!
Make Me a Supermodel is tonight and I'm stoked but it's getting down towards the final 4 and people I love may be leaving sooner than I want. Eep. 

No more visual media talk. I'm excited to start in on my to-read pile and have lots to peruse by the end of summer. Right now, I'm starting "Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs" by Chuck Klosterman and "Shakespeare Wrote for Money" by Nick Hornby. The former is a collection of pop-culture essays, the latter is the final collection of book review/reading life columns written for The Believer magazine. Both are lovely so far; lots of laughs all around. 

I'm going to go now and get some breakfast and maybe study a little for my Children's Lit final. I suspect I'll be writing more on LJ over the summer months. Ooh, also, I'm considering starting vlogging, just for the hell of it. I've done some on Viddler during NaNoWriMo and I loved it. But now I have video editing software so I can do some more complex, less boring work and I think it could be fun. Any thoughts, ideas, concerns? If you have any ideas for a vlog topics (current events; reviews of books, movies, etc; debate ideas; dares; questions for me to answer in a Q & A vide; ANYTHING), let me know. I want to make something that people other than myself find entertaining. I'm open to suggestions!

I want it to be this afternoon. Because then I'll have taken my final final. And then it's officially summer, bitches.

Happy birthday dude in my icon!

 That's right! It's Shakespeare's 445th birthday! Additionally it's the 400th anniversary of the publication of his sonnets! Woo! So read a few, eat, drink, and be Falstaffian. Maybe not quite like Falstaff, he was a funny guy...but a bit of douche at times. Ah well, we love him anyway. Ignore me. Just go read some sonnets, will ya? ;)


On Twitter this morning, I started keeping track of the trending topic #amazonfail. I was, by no stretch, first to the party but it has since blown up. 

The situation is essentially this: Amazon.com is removing select titles from best-seller lists and, in some cases, making them almost invisible to the search engine. The select titles in question are exclusively books that relate to GLBT topics, feminism, and sexuality. They are being "delisted" because of "adult content." This has been going on in varying degrees since February (craigspoplife.blogspot.com/2009/04/is-amazon-homophobic.html) and is just now coming to the forefront. On Easter Sunday. Ah, sweet irony.

Books written by or about public figures that happen to be gay are being targeted. For example, memoirs by Stephen Fry, Ellen DeGeneres, and John Barrowman are removed from the Amazon ranking system (you can still purchase them, but they are essentially invisible to best-seller lists). A biography about the life of Harvey Milk, a history of gays in the military, a book on adolescence and sexuality for young girls, and other similarly benign books have received similar treatment. The current #1 result on Amazon when one searches for "homosexuality" is this:  www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_ss_gw_0_4 

I don't need to tell any of you how repugnant this is. There are a select few things that get me frothing at the mouth and this pretty much covers all of them: censorship, bigotry, and ignorance. 

Go to http://search.twitter.com/ and look for #amazonfail (though you could probably just click on the link below the search box. It's the #1 trending topic and pretty much all anyone is talking about today). Google "Amazon Rank" or "Amazonfail." Here's the link to my Twitter: twitter.com/bookworm_chic There are a bunch of tweets with links to articles and more info. 

Support your local booksellers. There's a link in one of my tweets about online bookbuying alternatives. I recommend Alibris. I've been using them for over a year and always have wonderful results. I actually use them more than Amazon (especially for textbooks, Alibris sells cheap). Spread the word.

I'm keeping abreast of the news and hoping to hear what lame-ass excuse Amazon management will use to worm their way out of this. So far, I haven't seen much in the way of an official announcement. This is a serious PR clusterfuck.

I just can't believe that such a practice exists. Deranking books of ANY kind is an egregious offense; I can't stand censorship, I can't stand passive-aggression, and this is both to the nth degree. I can't abide bullshit. Sorry Amazon. I'm not sure how you thought you'd get away with it, but you're getting called out.


Yet another morose, existential crisis

I just realized that I didn't post anything on my birthday. I posted on March 12th and again on March 28. That was it for that month. I'm lame. So yay for my birthday that happened a couple weeks ago (March 17th). My dad was the first to call me, something he was excited about. lol Went out to a lunch/dinner with El (mrs_lizzydarcy ) and her mom at the pub and had a fabulous BLT (something that never happens at restaurants; the bacon is always fucked but it was perfect there). It was really nice of them to let me join in their St. Patty's tradition. I had a blast, even though beer tastes like poo. ;) I received copious calls and texts from friends and family throughout the day, which was quite sweet. Chad decided to treat me to a Hemingway cocktail (absinthe and champagne), something I've always wanted to try. It pleased neither of us, as he pulled an awful face and I spent a couple minutes gagging over the sink. I no longer share in the weird hipster delusion that absinthe is the avant garde beverage of choice. I'll stick with amaretto on the rocks and Cuba Libres, thank you very much. Random tangent. Anyway, later that week I went to my mom's house and she made me birthday pumpkin pie, on which I gladly gorged myself. It's nice to have a whole pie to oneself. 

I still need to post the pics from Wondercon. I know. I'm super lame. I haven't uploaded photos from my camera since the beginning of last semester so take from that what you will. I do want to get them off my camera so I can share them. But with 600+ photos, I'm not exactly eager to sort through them. *sigh* Soon. Soon.

I'm also massively torn between finishing my degree or running the fuck away from uni and focusing my attention on writing full-time. I've probably got only 3 semesters left but I'm dying of drudgery. I can't write another stupid compare and contrast essay without punching a hole in a wall. I don't feel like I'm learning anything new. It's just reiteration of the same concepts. I'm not happy. But I also don't want to fuck myself over by not finishing my degree now and regretting if (for whatever reason) later on. Chad is supportive of whatever I choose, as long as I'm happy. He doesn't worry about me writing full-time because he's essentially my support system while going to school, except if I don't go to school, we'll save beaucoup cash on tuition and textbooks. Any ideas, thoughts, or advice peoples? I can't figure this shit out. I'm too afraid to make a mistake to make a decision and that is the main thing keeping me from being happy with what I'm doing with my life. I want to feel productive but right now I feel like I'm treading water and doing it poorly. I feel stagnant. I can't write or read for leisure when I'm in school because I write and read so much for coursework that the thought of writing or reading one more page makes me want to vomit and pass out. I feel like it's one or the other right now: my degree or my writing. I don't want to choose...but I think I have to. Seriously, any advice? If you need more info to give salient advice, let me know and I'll ramble on for as long as you want. *sigh* Why does being happy and satisfied have to be complicated? 

What fresh hell is this?

 Sorry I've been lax on posting. Twitter is usurping posts because it's insanely convenient and easy to post a random thought. I need to become long-winded again and write more on LJ.

Well, it's spring break and I've done nothing in terms of school work. That's how I roll. I have a 1600 word essay, an annotated biblio, and a 600 pg book to read. Admittedly, I have been reading the book. But still. I should step it up so I'm not on the verge of self-defenestration come Wednesday night. The weather is gorgeous though. That makes it way hard to think of doing anything but nap in the sun and watch reruns of the Big Bang Theory. Love that show. *grin*

Also, tonight is Earth Hour. Starting at 8:30, everyone turns off all appliances (excepting the essential ones like, say, your fridge) and lights for one hour. Giving the earth a break and such. Use the time to talk, play cards and board games (we'll probably play Scrabble and Speed), make shadow puppets w/ your flashlight, gaze at the stars, whatever makes you happy.  Just do it for one hour. :) 8:30. Be there.

I need cereal so I'm off to forage in the pantry.

Gah! My icon is truly appropriate.

 Shit just got real. I hate when life is so inconsiderate as to decide to dump everything crappy on me all at once. Not cool. 

I went to WonderCon a couple weeks ago. It was a blast. I really want to post my pics and a recap of the weekend but I've got so many school projects/presentations/midterms to focus on right now that it won't happen for a while. I met Adam Baldwin. It was lovely. I looked fierce in my steampunk civvies. It was lovely. Hung out with my gaggle of nerdy friends (including A Cousin ;) ) and has a serious blast. That recap/picspam will be up when I regain sanity.

Also, send serious happy thoughts toward my dad. I won't go into details but life is not being kind to him right now. Hell, life isn't even being impartial. Life is picking on him like petulant-child-God picked on Job. Seriously. It's ridiculous. Just...happy thoughts. Please.

Have to pay attention in class now. Ta.


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