Look! It's a word in Scrabble that's 480 points!

/kri-stee-nuh/ n. a female inclinded to reading, writing, & rambling, est. 1987

Kristina, Capt. of the HMA Logos
17 March 1987

C'est Moi!

Student. Writer.
Night Owl. Bookworm. Hep Cat.
I have three loves in my life:
a quirky gentleman with big blue eyes, a black Maine Coon named Sebastian, and an orange tabby known as Mr. Pickwick Erson.
I am captivated by words;
their meanings, their sounds, their transformations over time & place.
My bookcases are overflowing (no mean feat) and I love it,
seeing the stacks of books scattered about my bedroom floor,
seeking purchase on the crowded shelves.
I easily veer off on tangents and digressions.
I can write/read/talk/laugh/sleep for obscene amounts of time when given the chance.

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